Video: Nancy Krieger on "Structural Racism, Social Justice, and COVID-19"

Nancy Krieger on: Structural Racism, Social Justice, and COVID-19

Professor Nancy Krieger (Harvard, UCB Alum) along with Professors Mahasin Muhajid and Corinne Ridell (UCB) engage in conversations about the impact of racial discrimination, social class and place on the excess disease and death rates from COVID19 among African American and other communities of color.  The session focuses on some of the thorny issues related to collecting and analyzing relevant social data on COVID19; and also on advancing a social justice agenda in addressing racial/ethnic disparities in disease rates.  The conversation will be moderated by Professor Rachel Morello-Frosch.

This event was part of the School of Public Health's Dean's Speaker Series; the 400 Years of Resistance to Slavery and Injustice initiative speaker series, and was co-sponsored by the Berkeley Center for Social Medicine.

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